Empowering Diverse Entrepreneurs


Becoming a Far & Dotter™ Wellness Center franchisee is a life-changing experience. If you have what it takes to grow, manage, and own a Far & Dotter Wellness Center and are looking for access to the capital to get started, you may be the ideal franchisee and Curio Investment Fund candidate.

How it works.

The Curio Investment Fund provides entrepreneurial opportunities for diverse populations critical to the future of the cannabis industry—giving eligible candidates access to the necessary startup capital to begin a Far & Dotter franchise and ultimately achieve 100% ownership as a franchisee.


Through the Curio Investment Fund, $30 million will be invested into up to 50 women, BIPOC, and disabled veteran entrepreneurs who seek to open a Far & Dotter franchise location in their state. In an effort to further support the inclusive, healthy development of our industry, investors from all backgrounds have committed to the success of diverse entrepreneurs who have the skill and ambition to build a successful business. 


To secure the Fund’s sponsorship, franchisees make a small, but meaningful capital commitment. Remaining funds necessary to open the franchise will be provided through the Fund via a combination of low interest fixed-rate loans and a direct equity investment for 40% ownership interest. 


While earning a salary for serving as General Manager of their Wellness Center, entrepreneurs will then repay the loan with their portion of the dispensary’s earnings. Franchisees are then eligible to buy out the Curio Investment Fund’s equity investment—giving them 100% ownership of the Wellness Center as a franchisee.

Addressing diversity in the cannabis industry.

The Curio Investment Fund addresses the most significant barriers in the industry: acquiring startup capital and developing a proven business model and brand.


Traditional financial lenders typically do not provide equity or loans for cannabis startups, which hurts the industry as a whole but disproportionately affects women, BIPOC, and disabled veterans who have traditionally faced systemic barriers to accessing capital.


Additionally, women, BIPOC, and disabled veterans are also often overlooked as prospective investors in and outside of the cannabis industry. As a result, they are underrepresented within the investor classes of venture capital firms and are unable to participate in some of the most lucrative investment opportunities. The Curio Investment Fund prioritized its outreach to investors to ensure inclusive access to the investment opportunity. The result is a collection of diverse investors aligned to create generational wealth opportunities for themselves and the talented entrepreneurs building Far & Dotter Wellness Centers. 


According to MJ Biz Daily, just 17% of executive positions at cannabis businesses are held by these groups. Through the Curio Investment Fund, eligible candidates can get a foothold in the cannabis industry and are put on a pathway to 100% ownership in as little as 3 years—playing an important role in closing the industry’s wealth gaps and creating generational wealth.

Are you eligible?

Candidates are eligible for the Curio Investment Fund if they meet their state’s definition for a woman or minority business enterprise or a disabled veteran-owned business. If their state does not have a formal definition for these statuses, candidates may still be eligible if they meet Maryland’s definition.

What you get.

Not only will you get access to our proven marketing and operational toolkit, but Curio Investment Fund sponsored franchisees may also receive financial support in the form of:

  • Pathway to ownership
    • Franchisees apply store proceeds to repay initial financing.
    • Franchisees eligible to buy out* the Fund’s ownership in as little as three years.
  • Waived fees
  • Equity and Debt Financing
  • Line of Credit
  • Prorated franchise royalty fees

How to apply.

Franchisees seeking to be considered for Fund sponsorship must apply for consideration as a franchisee and indicate their interest in sponsorship during the standard franchisee process. To do so, they must answer the question regarding meeting preliminary eligibility requirements in the standard franchise application process regarding women, BIPOC, and disabled veterans.

*The valuation methodology of the buyout structure is agreed upon in an operating agreement between the franchise and the Fund.