Far & Dotter provide a meaningful brand, operational experience, proven
processes and ongoing support and franchisees agree to be an owner-operator and to
follow the proven processes and playbook provided. There is a robust vetting process to
insure the franchisee and franchisor are a good match.
Franchising allows for driven, hard-working, hopeful entrepreneurs to connect with a
proven brand and model. As a franchisor we provide a winning brand, experience,
proven processes, training tools, financial management assistance, group buying power,
reporting tools, and access to other like-minded entrepreneurs. Our mission as a
franchisor is to inspire entrepreneurs and strengthen their path to success by providing
support, established processes and effective communication.
The process is explained on our website but you must go through our intuitive 6 step
process which includes a discovery portal, tasks to complete, and online learning. During
the process you will learn about us and our franchise concept including our expectations
of you as a franchisee. You will also learn about the opportunity and the industry.
Initially, we are concentrating on growing our franchise footprint across the following
limited license states: Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri,
New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. As the cannabis dynamics within other
states change, we will evaluate on a case-by-case basis.
Yes, you can convert your current dispensary into a Far & Dotter Wellness Center. There
is a physical conversion component that ensures that your current dispensary will look
and feel like a Far & Dotter Wellness Center. There is also an operational component
whereby your dispensary will follow proven operational practices which will give your
location the best chance to succeed.
All vendors and products must be pre-approved by Far & Dotter. Because cannabis is
illegal from a federal standpoint, you can only sell Cannabis products that are produced
in the state where your franchise is located. Products to be sold in your Holistic
Pharmacy can be purchased from anywhere or anyone as long as they are pre-approved.
We require all franchisees to have $750k in liquid capital. These liquid funds will be
needed to cover the initial costs in opening a Far & Dotter Wellness Center and $ for
working capital including inventory.
Our intention is to open 150 franchises during the next 5 years. Availability of franchises
is based on availability or ownership of licenses.
Similar to most other franchise agreements, there is a 1 time franchise fee, royalty fees
based on revenues, and miscellaneous fees for marketing construction management,
financial management and more. The entire fee structure will be explained during the
vetting process.